Otomasyon ve Enstrümantasyon (MFGE 308-old) Ders Detayları

Ders Adı: Otomasyon ve Enstrümantasyon
Kod: MFGE 308-old
Ön Koşul Ders(ler)i:
İçerik: Characterizing physical systems through ordinary differential equations-time constant, natural frequency and damping ratio. Resonance, damping and vibration isolation. System concepts open and closed loop. Transfer functions and block diagrams. Dynamic modeling of automation elements including amplifier, motor and load components. Transient response and stability. Performance criteria. Methods of control system analysis, including frequency domain techniques. Measurement systems, elements and sensors; static characteristics, accuracy, signals and conditioning, flow measurement. Optical measurement. Ultrasonic measurement. Data acquisition. Drive system technology: Hydraulic, electric and pneumatic drives. Programming methods: Robots, PLCs and advanced techniques. CAD methods. Kinematics: Spatial descriptions. Manipulator kinematics and inverse manipulator kinematics. Homogenous transforms. Denavit-Hartenberg notation for the description of robot mechanisms-joint parameters, link parameters. Link transformations (A matrices). Jabobians: velocities and static forces. Transformation equations. OLP and kinematic simulation. Trajectory generation and interpolation. Kinematic control of robots and machine tools and incorporation of sensory data. Application of internal and external kinematic control and dynamic control. Actuator space, joint space and cartesian space. Dynamics: Position control and force control of manipulators. Servo drive technology. Classical control and compensation techniques. Digital and analogue control. Dynamic simulation. Control system considerations for point to point and contouring.
Dönemi: Güz
Teori: 2
Uygulama: 2
Laboratuar: 0
Kredi: 3
Ders Dosyası:
AKTS: 5.5