Makine Elemanları (MFGE 306-old) Ders Detayları

Ders Adı: Makine Elemanları
Kod: MFGE 306-old
Ön Koşul Ders(ler)i:
İçerik: Stress concentration, factor of safety, theories of failure for ductile and brittle materials. Fatigue design criteria under mean and combined stresses. Design of shafts. Design of permanent joints; riveted joints, welded joints. Design of detachable joints, bolted joints, power screws, keys, splines, pins, rings. Design of springs. Friction, wear and lubrication; their types, systems of lubrication. Criteria for the selection of bearing type. Design of sliding bearings; Journal and thrust bearings. Antifriction bearings; their types, selection criteria and calculation procedure. Power transmission; Prime mover characteristics and types. Design of gear drives; spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, worm gears and special gears. Design of couplings, clutches and brakes. Design of belt drives; flat belts, V-belts. Design of chain drives and rope drives.
Dönemi: Güz
Teori: 2
Uygulama: 2
Laboratuar: 0
Kredi: 3
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